Natural Rebalance | Lauri Maitland

Natural Rebalance: Life Outside the City | Lauri Maitland

August 26-September 13, 2020

This series focuses on rural life and the power that a more peaceful and slower-paced environment has in rebalancing and recharging your soul. This is basically my backyard (paint what you know), living in a rural area on 5 acres surrounded by agriculture and water. The journey to learn to slow down and appreciate the quiet and the simpler moments has been a long one.  I used to often yearn for my old “city life” but today as I sit on my patio and watch the sun slowly rise over the horizon I realize that our connection to our environment and the energy we absorb shapes how we go thru our day and the hence the energy we project. (Lauri Maitland)

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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