Mind & Soul | Lauri Maitland

March 30 to April 17, 2022

Lauri Maitland - Mind & Soul Exhibition 2022

Artist Statement

My work is a study in human nature, an exploration of the balance between mind and soul. The mind is represented by the realistic elements of my work, the need for structure and rules. Painted in black and white the figures conform to the idea of proportion and constraints of right and wrong. Comfort is found in what adheres to the logical preset formula. The mind quiets when it can easily make sense of its environment.​Soul is represented by the splash of colour. This abstract and free flowing aspect of my work is organic in nature and follows no rules. The elements of colour bring emotion, movement, and creative energy to each piece. The soul is released through self expression and individuality. Together the combination of mind and soul creates a balanced multi layered expression of human nature.

Lauri Maitland

Artist Bio

Lauri Maitland is a fused glass or warm glass artist. Originating in Toronto and now residing in Eastern Ontario, the shift from an urban to a rural lifestyle is evident in Lauri’s works.  Starting out in the medium of charcoal and pastel, Lauri has taken the same attention to detail to the medium of glass. Focusing primarily on multi-panel hand-painted enamel and glass pieces, Lauri is able to achieve a greater sense of depth and dimension that brings the viewer into the work itself.  The process involving painting, kiln fire and cold working takes place at her studio just outside Merrickville, Ontario.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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