Malta & Gozo | Michelle Letarte

Nov 5-16, 2014
Solo show at Propeller Gallery, 984 Queen West, Toronto.
Opening: Nov 6, 7-10pm. View the paintings and mingle with friends and artists.

Malta Travelogue: Nov 8, 2pm presented by Maltese-Canadian friend Charles Whitlock.

Art exhibition inspired by a spring trip to the islands of Malta and Gozo, with 7 hiking friends. Amazing landscapes and seascapes with limestone cliffs plunging in turquoise and indigo waters and fields of wildflowers against those backgrounds were absolutely stunning. Prehistoric sites (4500 BC – 3000 BC) all made of limestone, with their unearthed exquisite Fertility Figurines were also a great source of inspiration.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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