Mail Art

January 20 — February 7, 2021

121 Works by 84 International Artists

COVID-19 has created crisis and instability across the world. During this volatile time, with most of us stuck in place, the mail offers us metaphorical transport out of our immediate physical spaces. Mail can travel while we cannot.
In response, Propeller Art Gallery is presenting an online exhibition opening January 20, 2021, of 121 artworks by 84 artists sent via post from around the globe with most works available for sale. This creative outlet for the community serves as a physical artefact of the time we are living through and recognizes that, while many of our interactions have moved to the virtual realm, there is also increased interest in making things by hand and communicating with each other by tactile means.

Mail art makes a comeback as pandemic locks out artists

Kate Taylor, Globe & Mail, February 18, 2021
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As they say at the Propeller Art Gallery: “Mail can travel while we cannot.” The Propeller, an artist-run centre in Toronto, is currently exhibiting a large collection of mail art on its website. Propeller asked artists to mail in their contributions for a group show back in August, knowing the show might have to move online by the time it was scheduled to open in January. Propeller did not stipulate subject matter, size or media, and 84 artists responded to the open call with 121 works of art. A few artists mailed their work in envelopes – including one drawn on a latex glove – but most put the art straight in the mailbox whether it was a postcard, a piece of textile or, in one case, a small box made of birch wood, which made it to the gallery unscathed.

“For us, part of the mystery of it was: What can you mail?” said Janet Read, the volunteer who helped organize the show.

Kate Taylor, Globe & Mail, February 18, 2021

Mail Art Artists:

  • Mona Bayati, 
  • Heather Bennett, 
  • Laurie Waller Benson,
  • Michael Black,
  • Daniel Boyer,
  • Christopher Bradd,
  • Susan Card,
  • Carlina Chen,
  • John Coburn,
  • Ryosuke Cohen,
  • Claro Cosco, 
  • ​Janet Horne Cozens,
  • Kathleen Dawson,
  • Sharon Dembo,
  • Mekayla Dionne,
  • Jeff Falk,
  • Rachelle Maltais Fitzpatrick,
  • Richelle Forsey,
  • Isabella Francesco,
  • Peter Friedrichsen, 
  • Daniel Garbade, 
  • Eric Garsonnin, 
  • The Gibson Girls,
  • Al Gord,
  • Elizabeth Greisman,
  • Gunnel Hag,
  • Faye Harnest,
  • Tuesday Heenan,
  • Domenica Howley,
  • Stevan Ioannidis,
  • Lisa Johnson,
  • Brooke Johnson,
  • Pelin Karaaslan,
  • Yan Tung,
  • Mavis Keung,
  • Jim Kroesen,
  • Mary Kroetsch, 
  • Vanessa Le Page, 
  • Michelle Letarte, 
  • Abigail Lichti, 
  • Linda McIntosh,
  • Avril Lopez, 
  • Ashkan Maleki,
  • Joann Maplesden, 
  • Ruth Maude, 
  • Michelangelo Mayo, 
  • Andrea McCallum,
  • Arleen McCallum, 
  • Jan Mills, 
  • Joseph Muscat, 
  • Nancy Newton, 
  • Frances Patella, 
  • Ginette Pelletier,
  • Pistol Pete,
  • Doris Purchase,
  • Robert Quance, 
  • Leena Raudvee, 
  • Janet Read, 
  • Susan Ruptash, 
  • Kathryn Ruzycki,
  • Matilda Sabal, 
  • Ginger Sedlarova, 
  • Erin Shadoff, 
  • Afsaneh Shafai, 
  • C.A. Shofed, 
  • Maya Skarzenski-Smith,
  • Rennie Taylor,
  • Tom Taylor, 
  • Clare Thomas, 
  • Tracy Thomson, 
  • Janice Turner, 
  • Andres Vosu, 
  • Rachael Walker,
  • Maura Walsh,
  • MK Warren, 
  • Jack Wayne, 
  • Lily Wei, 
  • Donna Wise, 
  • Reyhaneh Yazdani, 
  • Shahnaz Yekta-Fard, 
  • Sarah Zoccano ​and 
  • Joel Karim Zoungrana.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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