Live Longer Piss off Your Heirs | Curated by Olga Korper & Taiga Lipson

March 22 – April 2, 2017

Propeller presents: 2017 Guest Curated Exhibition

Propeller gallery presents our much-anticipated annual guest-curated exhibition, now in its 20th year. Each year Propeller invites a prominent figure within the arts community to contribute their knowledge and experience in developing a theme and selecting works for a completely unique exhibition. This year we have the pleasure of hosting Toronto-based curator Olga Korper and her granddaughter Taiga Lipson, an up-and-coming curator in her own right. Together Korper and Lipson have collaborated on the theme Live Longer, Piss Off Your Heirs

Live Longer, Piss Off Your Heirs Curated by Olga Korper & Taiga Lipson

Curator Bio’s: 

Olga Korper – Owner/Operator/Art Queen 

Olga Korper has been director of the gallery for more than 40 years, having dedicated her life and career to the service of conceptual contemporary art. She has worked tirelessly with serious collectors in both private and corporate spheres, placing artwork in homes, museums, banks, and businesses around the world. Olga served 8 years on the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, 3 years on the board for the Contact Photography Festival, and in 2013 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Dealer’s Association of Canada. Olga has consistently been a source of wisdom and guidance for artists, fellow dealers, and aspiring collectors, granting an audience to anyone who seeks advice in her Queendom – the kitchen of 17 Morrow Avenue. Since 1989 the gallery has doubled as Olga’s home, where she can be spotted with a cappuccino and her royal hound, Kiwi.

Taiga Lipson – Heir Apparent 

Taiga has been with Olga Korper gallery for 7 years and, having perfected the art of cappuccino foam has finally graduated from gallery barista to writer and curator. She publishes the gallery catalogues, manages the website and social media, and attends art fairs with the gallery in Toronto, Montreal, and Miami, generally making a nuisance of herself whenever possible. Artist submissions? Event bookings? She’s your girl.

Olga: I suggested this title for a brand of natural foods twenty years ago…they went with ‘Dragonfly’ instead. I’ve no idea why.

Taiga: Some people are so narrow-minded. I’m infuriated by the 21st-century health mentality. Hot yoga and green tea and Tempurpedic mattress commercials. Meditation, standing desks, detoxes. Eating organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, fun free. I get totally sucked in…I own 3 yoga mats and I order omelettes made with egg whites for less cholesterol. Better buy 5lbs of organic blueberries, they’re antioxidants! Live forever!! Die of boredom. 

Olga: Every New Year I make the resolution to keep smoking. 

Taiga: I love butter. And those 100-year-old women who proclaim that the key to immortality is cognac. 

Olga: Getting old is not for sissies.

Taiga: Rage, rage against the dying of the light!!

Olga: Artists, if your oeuvre were to be represented by one work, what would it be? 

Taiga: We want to see your perspective on life practices and superstitions and bad habits and secret victories. What’s your personal prescription for living longer?

Olga: Freedom is more important to me than almost anything else, and that’s what we’re offering you here. Make a choice that best represents your thoughts, your creativity, and your soul. 

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Jane Murdoch Adams
  • Thomas Brasch
  • Thomas Brasch
  • Wendell Chen
  • North Clark
  • Simone Collins
  • Jacques Descoteaux
  • Katja van den Enden
  • Lana Filippone
  • Anita Granger
  • Frances Hahn
  • Colin Hill
  • HyunRyoung Kim
  • Sang-jin Lee
  • James Matheson
  • Maureen O’Connor
  • Lauren Prousky
  • Ester Pugliese
  • Marianne Reim
  • Jennifer Wigmore
  • Ross Winter
  • Wiktor Zajkowski

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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