July 7 – August 1, 2021



What is Encaustic?
Encaustic artforms are created using molten, pigmented beeswax. Heat is used at every stage of the process. The word encaustic comes from the Greek enkaustikos which means to burn in.

Layers of Meaning International Online Encaustic Exhibition

Propeller Art Gallery is pleased to present Layers of Meaning, an Online International Exhibition of recent encaustic works.

Artists were invited to examine how, during these recent times, they have found “layers of meaning” through art.  

This exhibition showcases just how versatile encaustic is. Works in this exhibition include encaustic paintings, sculpture, vessels, prints, photography and mixed media.  All works are created with hot wax encaustic techniques.

The show includes over 100 encaustic works by artists from 12 countries.

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Honduras, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Africa, UK, USA

Exhibiting Artists:

Shafagh Azhandeh, Carrie Baxter, Anastessia Bettas, Andrea Bird, Lisa Blome, Sara Andrea Borghi, Regina Bos, Jane Bowen, David Brown, Claire Cameron, Christine Chin-Fook, Jane Cousens, Evelyn Davis-Walker, Pat DeLuca, Sharon Dembo, Ulla Djelweh, Mary Dufour, Shauna Earle, Connie Ehindero, Jeanne Fashempour, Gretchen Forrest, Sharron Corrigan Forrest, Marijke Gilchrist, Lisa-Beth Glassman, Teresa (Terry) Gregg, AJ Grossman, Angela Hansen, Brenda Hartill, Jon Hunt, Debra Jackson-Jones, Amanda Jolley, Gunilla Karlson, Supria Karmakar, Megan Kelly, Christine Kelsey, Neala E Kerridwen, Rita Klachkin, Fiona Knight, Anna Koot, Jessica Koster, Amelia Kraemer, Sandra Laurin, Candace Law, Patricia Leeds, Pamela Letona, Doris Lovadina-Lee, Leah Macdonald, Elle MacLaren, Magdalene.blu Marais, Ruth Maude, Roxane Mayeur, Claudia Menecola, Sandy Middleton, Michael Mirabito, Pria Muzumdar, Buff Neretin, Louise Noël, Charlotte Pearce, Amanda Pierce, Vanessa Powell, Dominique Prévost, Liz Rae Dalton, Saundra Reiner, Claudia Rocha, Richard Rolfe, Ava Roth, Suzanne Rubenstein, Olga Sanchez, Janet Sandø, Amanta Scott, Kari Serrao, Adrienne Silversmith, Linda Sirow, Tanya Sobczak, Bahar Soltani, Melissa Stephens, Kristy Swanson, Athena Petra Tasiopoulos, Helen Tran, Kim Vagt, Peg Wells, Linda Wiebe, Ross Williams, Natalia Zhukova.

Ruth Maude, Susan Ruptash, Sharon Dembo, Sharron Corrigan Forrest

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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