Intersecting Messages | Nuit Blanche

A two-part contemporary art project featuring works of Propeller members & an interactive new media installation by Anthony Saad and Alek Grguric.

Installation of Honey, I’m Home!

This year Propeller explores the limits of meaning by turning MacLuhan’s iconic phrase on its head, so that in turn “the message is the medium”. Visitors will get to experience a two-part project that explores the concept of visual communication, through static artworks and an interactive new media installation. 

Susan Sontag wrote, “interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art”. Keeping this in mind we will create a space in which visitors can participate in the dialogue of creating and interpreting meaning, by asking them to reconstruct and reinterpret the ‘message’.  Over the course of the evening we will be challenging visitors to become art producers themselves, by digitally interacting with and manipulating works, that will become part of a larger new media work projected in the gallery space, and will run all night long!. 

Intersecting Messages is an exhibition that explores the paradigm in which we create and understand meaning. Through this exploration of visual communication, Propeller seeks to create an axis in which the multiple levels of meaning intersect and diverge.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Rue Henry
  • Philip Hare
  • Andres Vosu
  • Joseph Muscat
  • Dominique Prevost -Paid
  • Dan Dodds
  • Elizabeth Priess
  • Pat Stanley
  • Susan Lukachko
  • Frances Patella
  • Beverley hawksley 
  • Kendra Sartorelli
  • Ross Winter
  • Caitlyn Chisamore
  • Michael Brown
  • Gary Macleod
  • Peter Barelkowski
  • Kat Citreon 
  • Pieter Bakker
  • Daniel Yu
  • Wendell Chen
  • Jane Murdoch Adams

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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