Interference | Peter Friedrichsen

November 18 – 29, 2020

Interference Series

The photogram prints in ‘Interference’ are recordings of the interference of light patterns. These are the result of multiple layers of repeating lines or mesh which can be rotated, shaped and distorted. The final interference pattern or moiré appears in overlapping areas and may dominate or introduce subtle variations. The final pattern is recorded onto a light-sensitive layer resulting in a cyanotype print in its native Prussian blue, or may be toned to various shades of brown using plant tannins.

​The exhibition title ‘Interference’ refers to the technique used, but also metaphorically, to the present times. The resulting prints are left to the viewers own imaginative interpretation. 

Learn more about the photogram process through Peter’s article on our Blog.


Peter Friedrichsen is a photographer and alternative printmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He uses a minimalist approach to isolate subject matter while defocusing the complexity that surrounds it. An endless experimenter, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of alternative photography and has been a featured artist in books on the subject. He has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Peter Friedrichsen Artist Talk:


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