Interface Two | Joseph Muscat

November 19 – 30, 2014

The human brain has created and shaped the ubiquitous information technology after it’s own image. But more importantly, I often wonder how the so-called smart advances in computer hardware and software are reconfiguring and rewiring our human brain? 

This interconnection between cerebral activity and electronic processing has been an interest of mine for some time and is whimsically explored in this second series of work titled Interface Two. 

Brain cells and microchips are symbolically and imaginatively represented through suggestive images and abstract markings often found in my visual repertoire.

Colours, shapes and textures crisscross and intersect in complex compositional mazes across canvas and tar paper collages, all painted in acrylic. The duality of black & white and colour, as well as stenciled and painted images in the work, reflect this paradoxical synergy. 

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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