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MoSo - Incognitum Invitation Card 2023

October 25 – November 12, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct. 28: 2 – 5 pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, Nov. 12: 2 pm

Our world has just started to recover from the massive dislocations of a worldwide pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is appropriate to pay homage to those who devotedly continued through these difficult times to selflessly deliver on our needs and our care when everyone else disconnected and sheltered in place. Not the politicians, not the media folks nor the policy wonks and not the “influencers” who got most of the public attention. This show is dedicated to the ones who were there every day for us as family, patients and customers.

How to honour those who went above and beyond to our benefit? Reveal them honestly in portraiture that displays their authenticity. 

MoSo engaged his subjects in their own homes with complete minimalism of lighting and surroundings and a focus on capturing their true, inner selves. There were no distractions and no posing. In the course of interpersonal conversation, hyper-real photographs were taken in all aspects of joy and sadness and seriousness and levity. The black and white images intentionally focused on the window to the soul, the eye. The totality of the images were inspired by emulating the Dragan Effect which emphasizes the enhancement of the tonality of skin texture under dramatic lighting.

The majority of the proceeds from this show will be donated to Princess Margaret Hospital and their dedicated and courageous staff who provided vital cancer care without reservation throughout the pandemic. 

MoSo Biography:
Connectivity with the world, before the internet, came from the local public library and, if one was fortunate enough, travel. Throughout MoSo’s childhood and into high school the local library was his window on the world. Hours each month were spent sitting and reading in the comfy chairs that surrounded the magazine racks marveling at what was yet to be discovered. The favourites: National Geographic and car magazines such as Road & Track. The commonality: richly written and sumptuously illustrated with vivid, immersive and creative photography. The ability to travel all over the planet as an adult, including all 7 continents, cemented MoSo’s devotion to representing and sharing it in his photography. These influences are readily visible in his work.

MoSo is a surgeon in the culmination of a life of science from high school through University and into a professional and rewarding adult life. The beauty of music always permeated his parents’ home and then his own but that was not to be his creative path. Photography was always fascinating from both a creative and technical perspective. It would be a lifelong growth into photography. Expanding his repertoire from landscape to bird to street and black and white photography has been illuminating. His first professional photography project was self-publication of his four seasons of photography throughout the Covid Pandemic. His second project is presented here: an homage to the unknown people in our lives to whom we owe our immeasurable thanks. MoSo, however, remains shy about his photographic direction and artistic identity. He views photography as an integral part of his ongoing “Life of Discovery”.

Family Man, Surgeon, Teacher, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Artist and Cancer Survivor

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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