IN MY ROOM: The Reconstruction Of Memory | Tracy Thomson

November 3 – 21, 2021

Article Imaginary Interiors: Tracy Thomson at Propeller Gallery by Bronwen Cox at artoronto.ca, Nov. 17, 2021

“There’s a place where I can go and tell my secrets to…
In my room, in my room.” 

— Brian Wilson

Exhibition Statement

“We have spent many hours secluded and sometimes alone, in our rooms this past year. In my reconstructions, I created imaginary rooms by making little dioramas, pieced together with paint, paper, glue…and a healthy dose of love and hope!   Decorated with objects that would pertain to the person inhabiting the room or simply experiencing that room, from a distance.  The occupant looks out, we the viewer, look in.

A room, within a room.  Reminding us, that although we felt alone, we were all connected through this experience, all around the world.  These rooms are reconstructions born of MY memory of our solitary time.  I’m hopeful that by sharing them, you will get a feeling of connectedness and that you too, can change your narrative by reconstructing your memory into something beautiful.”

—Tracy Thomson

Artist Statement

I’m not particularly interested in the familiar or depicting a specific scene. I am fascinated by reconfiguring common relatable images and setting them free within an imagined environment. The natural world and human nature intersect here, insinuating future possibilities through dissected realities, amorphic beings and biomorphics.

—Tracy Thomson

Artist Bio

Tracy Thomson is a Toronto painter and mixed media artist, whose main focus is to create works that allow her mind to wander into unknown territory.  

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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