In Motion | Sharon Dembo

Monoprints and Encaustic Monotypes

In Gallery: February 16 – March 6, 2022

Artist in attendance on Saturday & Sunday and by appointment

 Prévost and Dembo in Propeller Art Gallery – ARTORONTO by Lina Weng, March 2, ’22

Sharon Dembo In Motion

Dance is vitality
Dance is connection, movement in space
Dance inspires me
The feeling of moving in space
Motion and emotion
Creating sculptural forms
From the animate and inanimate
Dance awakens the spirit
Energizes me

In 2021 I purchased a metal mannequin to make a dress out of Washi,  Japanese handmade paper. Then I began to imagine how to convey dance and movement with it. I used an expressionist style of applying colour, using the hotbox (designed by Paula Roland) and wax paints. These were the two inspirations for my show.

Sharon Dembo is a visual artist and child psychotherapist living in Toronto. She has been painting for over twenty-five years, not only in Toronto but also in France, Italy, Mexico and both coasts of Canada. Most of her landscapes are painted “en plein air” as Sharon enjoys responding to the immediacy and intensity of this experience. Sharon feels very influenced by the impressionist and expressionist art movements. Sharon has been exhibiting and selling her work in a number of venues in Toronto over the past several years.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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