I’m Thirsty | Curated by Nicola Woods

July 2 – 19, 2003

A group exhibition in conjunction with the Ontario Society of Artists “WATER” Project

Are you thirsty? What does it mean to be thirsty? What do you think about when you drink a glass of water?

Our perceptions of water change according to context, location and narrative voice. Whether we perceive water to be a gift, a commodity, a depleted resource, or a sacred substance, it is a necessity of life. The need for water both shapes and governs life and is manifested in diverse expressions of thirst.

Using a diverse range of media such as installation, painting, performance and video, the artists in the group exhibition “I’m Thirsty”, will address the physical, spiritual, metaphorical and psychological relationships between thirst and water.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Astrid Bin,
  • Emelie Chhangur,
  • Teri Donovan,
  • Todd Henze,
  • Christine Latimer,
  • Rosa Mesa,
  • David Newkirk,
  • Andrew E. Shaver,
  • Dana Velan,
  • Elaine Whittaker,
  • Nicola Woods

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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