Hope Springs Eternal | Tracy Thomson

November 15 – December 3, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 18: 2 – 5 pm

My feeling is that the beauty of any art form is in the ability to transport you from this place in time, to another. To experience in a work of art, an environment that allows you to feel and sense the vastness of this unfamiliar place, as though you’ve already lived it, breathed it, heard it, felt it.  That, to me, is heaven on earth.  In every piece I create, I chase after that experience.  I’ve no desire to replicate what exists right in front of me, it’s already there.  I need to invent new worlds that transcend reality as we know it. Worlds where organic life and beings are regenerated into something “other”.  Continuum.  The enchanted mysteries of what may lie ahead.  The uncertain treachery of such places…this is the stuff that fuels me. 

Tracy Thomson

Tracy Thomson, AOCA, CSPWC, OSA, is a Toronto-based painter, mixed media artist, who lives and works on the shores of Lake Ontario. She is currently a member of Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto with exhibitions in Canada and the USA.

Thomson began drawing at a young age and developed a love of art through studying her ancestor’s paintings and the work of the Group of Seven. She continued her love of drawing and painting, and eventually was accepted into Ontario College of Art (now OCADU). Following her two- years of Fine Art, she switched to Experimental Art in the Stewart Building. “For my last year, I wanted to explore abstract space on a large scale and conceptual art. The Stewart building housed the Experimental Arts Program. The large studios, as well as the Instructors there, provided the space and new inspiration I needed at that time.  My work is now a culmination of all of those practices and incredible teachings from a variety of perspectives.”

Her work experience in the arts is quite varied, including gallery intern, visual arts teacher, interior design, set painting and book illustration.  Painting, however, has her heart and soul, and has been the mainstay throughout the years.  For the past 10 years she has worked full time in her studio, showing on a regular basis.  Her work is in permanent collections throughout Canada, the USA, Italy and the Netherlands. 

She considers herself a Biomorphic Symbolist, with Narrative Environmental leanings.  Although she loves nature and comes from a renowned family history of landscape painters, her approach and process is in studio.  Her content: Imagined, regenerated future environments, post-human intervention.  

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