​Graphic Chats | Joseph Muscat

Joseph Muscat Graphic Chats Exhibition

September 16-October 4, 2020

GRAPHIC CHATS is a large series of collaged mix media drawings and paintings which mimic the ubiquitous wireless world of internet chats, browsing, tweeting and information seeking, packaged in the style of a graphic novel. The sheer volume of material “out there” conjures up an array of visually stimulating pictograms, which, although unrelated, can spin into imaginative short stories.
I travel through a wide range of random, often symbolic images inspired by current events and situations. The collective arrangement of each panel read like quick little conversations that constantly bombard us on all levels of our media interactions. This form of brain congestion has turned into little visual vignettes of everything and nothing.
These Graphic Chats, started in 2017, start out as little paintings, with brushed or stenciled images on various papers and assembled on a wood surface. The process is both spontaneous and calculated; the composition reveals itself gradually while the images are secured to the board surface.
The work is both representational and abstract – a reflection on the artist’s state of mind.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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