Go Figure | Invitational Group Show

August 19 – 30, 2009

Throughout history, the human body has been of central interest to the artist. The figure, a unique and highly complex series of forms, remains an enduring theme within the fine arts. It ignites both inspiration and intrigue: The task of mastering the various shapes, gestures and positions of the body, is arguably one of the most challenging skills an artist develop.

While most artists begin as students and learn this drawing exercise in class as the groundwork for painting and sculpture, others continue to carefully observe and render what they see. Later, interpretation and play build upon this base with abstraction and breaking down the figure’s form.

The complexity and variety of the human figure has been explored through drawing, sculpture, video, painting and photography. The photography of figures, for example, goes back over a hundred years and although at first competing with drawing and painting of the figure, has eventually charted its own course.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Jori Baldwin
  • Pieter Bakker
  • Daniel Borgatta
  • Barbara Buntin
  • Roswita Busskamp
  • Patricia Chard 
  • Simone Collins
  • Susan Dain
  • Heather Gentleman
  • Andy Glinski
  • Penny Griffin
  • Thomas Hendry
  • Claus Heinecke
  • Elva Hook
  • Mark Krawlzyarski
  • Linda Mcintosh
  • Tony Paginton
  • Frances Patella
  • Walter Ruston
  • Eileen Sakal
  • Anthony Saracino
  • Rena Save
  • Peter Shoebridge

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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