Fairytales & Snails | Brigite Ruff, Linelle LeMoine 

June 1- 12, 2005 

Artists: Brigite Ruff and Linelle LeMoine 

Linelle LeMoinewas inspired by Barbara Kingslover’s novel Prodignal Summer– in which a man attempts to destroy certain species, which resulted in overproduction. While working in the garden, LeMoine noticed snails eating the new growth off the plants. Instead of killing the snails, she though of Kingslover’s message, and the snails became an object of observation. Noticing the rhythmic undulations of the snails, she wondered what mark they would make. This inspired a hand and foot series, using non-toxic ink and aquapasto. The snails were placed on mylar, so that their movements, mucus, excrements and ink were transferred onto the mylar, creating beautiful textures. Le Moine would then rework the images intuitively. The snails were kept in an aquarium,  where they produced eggs, which also became incorporated into the work. The snails were released after the works were complete.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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