Ethereal Dances | Aryan Ghaemmaghami

Ethereal Dances | Aryan Ghaemmaghami

May 8 – 26, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11, 2 – 5 pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, May 26, 3 – 4 pm

“Welcome to Ethereal Dances, where vibrant colours, surreal imagery, and the delicate interplay of forms converge in a mesmerizing symphony of creativity. Explore the ethereal realms of the subconscious through abstract artistry, where every brushstroke is a step in a cosmic dance. Join us on a journey through the mystical landscapes of imagination, where angels, butterflies, and the human form intertwine in a graceful choreography of the soul.”

Aryan Ghaemmaghami, a Canadian-Iranian artist, embarked on her artistic journey in 2002, initially pursuing science and genetics. However, the allure of artistic expression led her to delve into the world of art, drawing inspiration from her academic background. After obtaining her master’s degree, she decided to fully commit to her passion for art.

Immersing herself in art history and design, Aryan explored various mediums to capture the essence of Persian culture intertwined with her European travels. Her art reflects a fusion of abstract expressionism with influences drawn from human genome studies, anatomy, and celestial concepts, echoing the rhythms of dance and the ethereal beauty of angels.

Over the years, she showcased her works in solo and group exhibitions across Iran, Dubai, and Canada, with notable exhibitions in Vancouver since 2010. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she founded a design and staging company, integrating her artworks into her projects.

In 2021, Aryan became a permanent member of the Propellor Art Gallery, having been associated with the gallery since 2006. She has participated in numerous group shows, auctions, and charitable events. Aryan’s recent venture into digital art culminated in a successful exhibition in London’s
Waterloo Station, and she looks forward to showcasing her creations at the Cannes Film Festival in 2025.

Aryan art serves as a visual narrative, intertwining Persian mythology with Canadian landscapes, and inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of culture and humanity. Follow her artistic journey on Instagram and Facebook for updates on exhibitions and new works.

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