Emergence: Four Ways

October 3 – 14, 2018

Pria Muzumdar, Jeanne Jabanoski, Susan Freypons & Chris Freypons

Four artists use diverse materials intuitively to give expression to prints, collages, paintings and sculpture.

Pria Muzumdar has drawn from her vast trove of marks, prints and precious fabrics, to create collages and whimsical animal paintings. Her return to animal whimsy is is a tribute to her beautiful new grandson Miro and his love of colour and quirky animals

Susan Freypons creates multi media paintings which explore ideas about the addition and removal of materials. The artist incorporates collage during the process of cutting, layering and scraping revealing layers of meaning

Chris Freypons uses clay, modelled and sculpted to explore feelings of human embodiment in a world where elemental material and sentient meaning combine in form and space.

Jeanne Jabanoski engages with the transience of time, nature and memory in the printing of  botanical sketches, photographs and pressed wildflowers.  Each textile piece is imagined as a page from a sketchbook, influenced by the journals of Victorian botanists and Japanese floral designs.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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