Crescive | Simone Collins

September 22 – October 10, 2021

“While we’re still not ‘out’ of the covid pandemic, enough time has passed that the looking-back process has already begun for most people. When I look back, my impression is that life became disjointed and stagnant: an unforeseen jolt, then a prolonged static limbo. At the same time, the stay at home orders created time to create, for me at least. Most of these pieces were made during the pandemic, so they function as a kind of proof that time didn’t stop, some aspects of life kept creeping along, and even progressing. Within these pieces there is evidence of strange, pervasive growth, of biological mutations and impossibilities, and consolidation of mineral and architecture. Small ecosystems left to seed, thrive in their own insistent way, and odd allegiances are formed between children and animals. It is both strange, and familiar, much like being trapped at home during a global pandemic”.


ARTORONTO Review by Vivian Sun > Collins and Patella at Propeller Gallery

Simone Collins lives and works in Toronto.  She is a graduate of Queen’s University Fine Arts program. She completed a residency at the Toronto School of Art, and an internship at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. Simone’s work has been exhibited in juried and group shows in Toronto. In combining ‘Nursery Rhyme’ and ‘Museum of Biology’ aesthetics, imagery of children in surreal scenarios and environments converge at a tenuous point between benignly reminiscent of home and ominously unfamiliar.

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