Confrigeration | Susan Qu

May 29 – June 9, 2013

I created a body of work depicting people and their situations or environments in metaphorical form. I began to think of human bodies, homes, office buildings and other structures as refrigerators. The fridge acts as an external shell to protect and preserve the interior. It provides a safe, comfortable or perhaps a numbing environment for the mind. As a collection, the works express the choices and concerns, as well as dreams and fears. In times of uncertainty, are ideas, desires and dreams pursuable or are they in a state of stasis as if concealed in a fridge? Where will the thoughts find themselves without this seemingly safe environment? This is where dreams can be fulfilled yet the risk of drowning is also present. Should one abandon the safety of the fridge in search of another unknown environment? I named the show Confrigeration, which combines two words, consider refrigeration.

Susan Qu

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