By Association…Members & New Members Shows

January 5 – 16, 2005

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts has an annual group exhibition to showcase its members. This year’s show ‘By Association’ is being exhibited in the main gallery while the ‘New Members Show’ takes place in the North Gallery.

Propeller is an artist-run centre, an association of artists who receive mutual support and feedback for their individual art practices. These annual group shows provide a great opportunity for art lovers, curators and collectors to sample a smorgasbord of what the group has to offer. 

The group, by virtue of its wide variety of approaches: conceptual, figurative, abstract, non-objective, combined with an exciting mix of emerging to professional artists, provides a fertile conduit for ideas and practical information. 

By Association Propeller Members:

  • Adam Lodzinski
  • Barbara Rehus
  • David Griffin
  • Fran Freeman
  • Gabrielle de Montmollin
  • Gabrielle Sims
  • Ilona Staples
  • Jessica Levman
  • Karen Curry
  • Keijo Tapanainen
  • Lorna Toth
  • Lynda Lucas
  • Margie Kelk
  • Marion Manning
  • Mary McKenzie
  • Naomi Reid
  • Nina Leo
  • Peter Palermo
  • Rochelle Rubinstein

New Member Show

  • Birgit Ruff
  • Dimitri Papatheodorou
  • Jerry Silverberg
  • John Redekop
  • Judy Raymer Ivkoff
  • Linelle LeMoine McDougall
  • Paul Roorda
  • Rosi Leman
  • Soheila K. Esfahani

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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