Blueprints: Diagrams: Models | Curated by David Rokeb

November 22 – December 3, 2006

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Nicholas Stedman
  • Ruth Tait
  • David Clark
  • David Griffin

A key focus of cultural discourse in the West has lately been our evolving relationship with technology and digital tools – and yet drawing persists, even if only as a supplement to the process, or as preparatory investigation. This is a call for artists whose work with electronics, emerging digital and communication tools, programming, broader interventionist strategies, or automation/engineering, is informed by fundamental, traditional activities of art-making. Although contemporary artists are preoccupied with technological production generally, explore extra-traditional forms and environments in their practices, there
remains an engagement with drawing – that is, the complexities of production are still developed through drawing, just as it supports the work of the architect or musician. Curated by noted Toronto-based New Media artist David Rokeby, the exhibition
“Blueprints: Diagrams: Models” will focus on processes used by new media artists that may not become part of the final piece, but which are nonetheless germane to the work of art: low-tech, original, prototypal and primary source material which new
media artists may engage in, as they pursue their larger projects. This may include any form and combination of drawing and collage, but must speak as a supplement and extension of an artist’s larger explorations of technical media and processes.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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