Bird Women | Gabrielle de Montmollin

November 24 – December 5, 2004

Black and White Photographs

Night Owl peers darkly out from the night, Gull swoops, Emu flaps her wings, Eagle ascends, Auklet stands on her toes and Peacock preens – with their female forms these creatures confound and draw us into their mystery. Ornithology or primordial image? Decide for yourself at Gabrielle de Montmollin’s exhibition of her most recent series of black and white photographs – BIRD WOMEN

“Bird Women marks a new step in Gabrielle de Montmollin’s work: the images are more sober but still keep the dynamism so typical for her images. I like to compare these photos to a classical Greek play. First you have the presentation of the characters, then you have the play. In this set of pictures you have the presentation of mythical actors with masks. The movement of the characters inspire spectators to make their own play. The strong figures are dancing a mythical dance which is accentuated by the bird-masks. They are strong images that are like icons. Now we are waiting for the first act of the play.”

Xavier Debeerst, Anamorfose

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