Beyond Certainty: Flaws of Form

June 22 – July 3, 2011

This is my space, this is our space

In June, Propeller Centre for the Visual arts will present an exhibition consisting of fourteen recent female Ontario College of Art and Design University graduates. Through a variety of media including painting, knitting, kinetic sculpture, and mixed media, these artists seek to dissect the human form and human experience through both a psychological and scientific lens, while addressing the unique characteristics of the individual and how we perceive ourselves. Juxtaposition of interior and exterior bodies, cycles of life, systems of living, existence, impermanence, fear, and emotional attachment become the language of this unique collection of artists as they communicate what it is to be in the body and mind through a female perspective. 

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Nicki Brooks
  • Caitlyn Chisamore
  • Nadia Colella
  • Kali Fisher
  • Tia Gillespie
  • Kristy Gordon
  • Adriana Kupych
  • Jillian MacLachlan
  • Sarah McCaw
  • Carly McAskill
  • Elly Smallwood
  • Krista Smith
  • Megan Skyvington
  • Michelle Tourikian

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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