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Bad Acid

Bad Acid Exhibition 2009

March 18 – 29, 2009

Q: How do you spell SILK?
A: S-I-L-K
Q: What Do Cows Drink?
A: Milk

BAD ACID is a departure, yea, departure, from the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant work ethic.  Is there such thing as “bad” acid, or just good acid which is misunderstood?  BAD ACID is an anagram of DADA BIC.  Coincidence? Perhaps… Forget about the anagram part – BAD ACID is an amalgam of pragmatism, idealism and Maoism.  It’s more or less gone full cycle – or circle – or whatever.  BAD ACID refuses to knuckle under to vested interest – or disinterestedness.  From Dr. Timothy Leary to Dr. Seuss, the pseudo-pundits agree, BAD ACID is a real hit.  As Dr Strangeove said “Que sera, case closed.”  And speaking of strange love, what did Kim Jong-Il evr see in Erica Jong?


-Fee: Submit one piece for $30, two pieces for $50 (non refundable)
-To submit, drop off your work at Propeller Centre Saturday March 14, 12-6 pm.  Work will be juried Sunday March 15, and participants and non-participants will be notified on Monday March 16.

BAD ACID: March 18 – 29, 2009
Opening Reception: thursday March 19, 2009, 7-10 pm.
*A 25% commission on all sales will be collected by the gallery.

***Also, we would love to help out those less fortunate than us. Propeller accepts donations of non-perishable food items for the Food Bank during all group shows. The most needed items are baby formula, peanut butter, canned beans, hearty soups, salmon, tuna, sardines, pasta and pasta sauce.***

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Keijo Tapanainen
  • Draga Jovanovic
  • Luke Leunes
  • Leslie Dolman
  • Cole Swanson
  • Matthew Catalano
  • Paul Harnett
  • Bill Russell
  • Lydia Gorina
  • Rene Zamic
  • Sara Ishii
  • Kat Citroen
  • Andres Vosu
  • Daniel Yu
  • Dan Dodds
  • Paul Harnett
  • Daniel Yu
  • Frances Patella
  • Simone Collins
  • Margie Kelk
  • Catherine Telford-Keogh
  • Heather Gentleman
  • Heather Gentleman
  • Philip Hare
  • Ian Amell

Special thanks to our community partners and ongoing sponsors. 

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