Anne-Marie Cosgrove: Cover Series

March 6-17, 2013

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts is premiering the exhibition Anne-Marie Cosgrove: Cover Series. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Toronto, Ontario in three years.

The exhibition “Cover Series”, an installation of small scale paintings, groups together existing and new paintings completed since 2009 as part of an evolving body of work that explores and questions limits of narrative, visual language and identity. 

“My work begins with language; that is, what must be used to facilitate knowledge and understanding, and at the same time, the seeming impossibility of any language to construct reality for the other, precisely the impossibility of knowing that reality except through difference. My work also begins with painting, the poetic and the lyrical reaffirmed by the gesture and the line. It is the element of non-conformity, a result of the physicality of painting and the politics of my existence, that reminds me of the fallibility of the intention of the artist and of the human experience. In the end, all these shape the outcome of the work.”

Anne-Marie Cosgrove

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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