Always, Once & Again | Teri Donovan

June 10 – 21, 2009

Time is a conundrum, and the influence of time and memory on identity is a conundrum rife with switchbacks and paradoxes. Edmond Husserl summed it up when he said, we are “…… always in the present and still in the past, and already in the future.” *

Using this statement as a point of departure, the works in Always, Once, & Again examine the reciprocal roles of past, present, and future in the formation of self.

Images of domestic motifs form a temporal and historical backdrop, and wallpaper patterns serve as markers of time. Wallpapers are layered over and under painted and collaged elements, immersing and consuming the figures, and co-mingling past, present, and future in a symbiotic dance. 

Old notions, styles, and behaviours, like old wallpaper, are replaced by the new, but are never completely gone. Like memory and desire they linger on in a spectral half-life projecting into the future. There they re-emerge to be re-contextualized, re-enacted, and re-interpreted.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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