April 28 – July 28, 2021

Altered Images at Hand


Propeller Art Gallery is pleased to present Altered Images at Hand, an online exhibition exploring physical manipulation in photographic works.

​Photography being used as a manipulated element within a greater work has significant historical precedents and continues to be enthusiastically embraced by artists for the virtually unlimited possibilities.

This exhibition presents artists’ works that combine photographic elements altered through photo collage and other manual techniques of physical modification including cutting, painting, texturing, layering, distorting, and more. It is through this creative intervention of the artist’s hand that new contexts and expressions become evident.

We have many new artists in our exhibition this year. In addition, a number of artists from our first altered images exhibit: Reality Vanishing in Plain Sight held in October 2019, have returned. We are sure that you will find the show full of interesting imagery with over 100 works from 57 talented artists. In this exhibition, we present images altered by hand, celebrating physicality in the process, amidst its loss in our social circles.

Organizers: Peter Friedrichsen, Andres Vosu

Cutting, Gluing, Burning, Layering, Folding, Combining, Painting, Distressing, Reticulating, Flaking, Soaking, Contaminating, Shaping, Gel transferring, Acrylic, Oil pastel, Oil colour, Water-soluble crayon, Coloured pencil, Acrylic paint pen, Chalk, Charcoal, Correction fluid, Pan pastel, Encaustic, Collage, Montage, Black and white, Colour, iPhone, 35mm disposable, DSLR, Medium format, UV lamp, Digital, Analog, Photograph, Photogram, Photocopies, Cyanotype, Palladium, Silver gelatine, Inkjet, Laser, Glass, Metal, Wood, Watercolour paper, Washi, Vellum, Cloth, Thread

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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