A Portrait Gallery | Group Exhibition

May 2 – 13, 2018

While Canada’s National Portrait Gallery project may have stopped, Propeller steps into the spaces left by its termination. We’re doing a portrait show! Artists from Auerbach to Zurbaran, and from antiquity to A.I, have made portraits — images of the human form and face, either familiar or mythic. There have been paintings, sculptures, monuments to historic figures, animal pictures, self-portraits, images of the trials of living and the rewards of perseverance… And photographs, so many important, powerful photographic portraits. 

Artists in this exhibition add their contribution to the enduring dialogue of portraiture through various interpretations and media – pushing the boundaries of portraiture as we see them. 

Featuring artwork from: 

Andrew Kennedy – Audrey Smith – Corynn Kokolakis – Elham Fatapour – Elsa Hashemi – Evelyn Rapin – Five Eight – Gabrielle Lasporte – Janet Horne Cozens – Janet Kimantas – Jason Lee Rhyno – Kari Serrao – Kathryn Kirkpatrick – Lea Belegris – Lisandro Pena – Madeline Strang – Michelle Winters – Mo Jamal –
​Paul Kilbertus – Qiao Wang – Ross Winter – Shahla Etemad-zadeh Jamal – Shawna Munro – Vanessa Le Page – Wilfred Wong – Zoey Zoric

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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