’13’ Propeller Members Exhibition + Performance

October 2013

Participating Artists

  • Yu Araki – Tokyo, Japan
  • Nina Bacos – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Cambio Creative – Colon, Panama
  • Frances Ferninands – Toronto, Canada
  • Heather Gentleman – Toronto, Canada
  • Angela Gooliaff – Vancouver, Canada
  • David Griffin – Toronto, Canada
  • Robin Hesse – Richmond Hill, Canada
  • Ann Hirsch – New York, United States
  • Thomas Hlavacek – Toronto, Canada
  • Tai Kim – Toronto, Canada
  • Robin Kingsburgh – Toronto, Canada
  • Frank McCauley – North Carolina, United States
  • Joseph Muscat – Toronto, Canada
  • Dominique Prevost – Toronto, Canada
  • Emilio Rojas – Vancouver, Canada
  • Tony Saad – Toronto, Canada
  • Stone and Water – Seoul, South Korea
  • Angela Wasko – New York, United States
  • Ye Taik and the Blacksheep Organization – Colorado, United States
  • Daniel Yu – Toronto, Canada

The year is 2013.

Thirteen is the infamous and mystical number we fear; dark, enigmatic and magical. The number thirteen is associated with ill-luck, the conjured and the dangerous.

Thirteen is irrational fear and superstition. We are consumed by the imagined negative attributes of 13 enough to omit the thirteenth floor in modern structures, to obsess over Friday the 13th, to assign 13 malevolent intentions, some avoid the number at all cost.

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts presents ‘13’ an evening of live and Skyped-in interactive performances and art installations.

Viewers can expect to see people trapped in elevators, preteen love, Freddie Krueger, the phases of the moon, mind-bending synaesthesia, hang man’s knots, and much more!

Curated by gallery director Katie Micak and Propeller member Robin Hesse.
Propeller responds to mystical number ’13’ in a night of international Skype performances and installations, curated by Robin Hesse and Katie Micak.

PERFORMERS: Yu Araki, Nina Baco, Cambio Creative, Ann Hirsch, Frank McCauley, Emilio Rojas, Stone and Water, Ye Taik and the Blacksheep Organization, Angela Washko + more. INSTALLATIONS BY: Robin Hesse, Robin Kingsburgh and David Griffin, Joseph Muscat, Heather Gentleman, Dominique Prevost, Tai Kim, Tony Saad, Daniel Yu, Frances Ferdinands, Thomas Hlavack + more.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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