Beyond the Frame – Episode #2 Michelle Letarte

We’re very excited to introduce Propeller’s second PODCAST in our series:  BEYOND THE FRAME, featuring Michelle Letarte! 

BEYOND THE FRAME features one-on-one inspiring interviews with Propeller artists, taking you inside the artists’ process; allowing the listener to hear first hand, the intimate stories behind the art!

Episode #2 Michelle Letarte

Michelle writes: 
The podcast tells the story of how I started to paint, how it complemented my scientific career. I also talk about how travels inspire my artworks and create a focus for exhibitions, the experimental nature of my creative process, the use of textures, collages, rust imprints, photo-transfers and vivid acrylic colours.  

“I want the viewers to discover the hidden secrets behind the images and share emotional moments of the journeys.” 

Michelle Letarte
Cava Resava, Despotovac, Serbia 8 –  30” x 8” Texture & Acrylic on canvas

Many thanks to the following:

BEYOND THE FRAME is a result of an initiative by artist, Tracy Thomson, who joined our collective in 2021.  Professionally recorded at The Orange Lounge, and hosted by member, Doris Purchase, this new podcast series is a wonderful example of Propeller’s motto, “Artists Empowering Artists”! 

The BEYOND THE FRAME team includes:

  • Producer: Tracy Thomson
  • Host: Doris Purchase
  • Graphics & Animation: Phil Nguyen with artwork by Doris Purchase
  • Audio Engineer: Spencer Sunshine
  • SFX: Vlad Nikolic
  • Recording Studio: The Orange Lounge, Toronto
  • With support from Par Nair and Lisa Johnson

Enjoy and please leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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