Celebrating Encaustic | Exhibitions at Propeller

by Ruth Maude

LAYERS of MEANING & the whole ball of wax

Encaustic Exhibitions at Propeller | Celebrating Encaustic

It’s fitting that as Propeller celebrates our 25th Anniversary as a Collective, we look back through our history to past exhibitions.

Propeller’s latest exhibition, LAYERS of MEANING an online International Encaustic Exhibition has its roots in a group show that took place at Propeller over a decade ago, the whole ball of wax: a celebration of encaustic (September 1–12, 2010).

The 2010 exhibition was co-curated by Andrea Bird (Member 2007–2010) and Lisa-Beth Glassman (Member 2009–2010). Four of the artists exhibiting in the current Exhibition participated in the 2010 show; Andrea Bird, Jane Bowen, Lisa-Beth Glassman and Supria Karmakar.

Their Artwork in the LAYERS of MEANING Encaustic Exhibition

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A Celebration of Encaustic

The sub-heading for the 2010 exhibition was a celebration of encaustic. And that is exactly what the Zoom Opening for LAYERS of MEANING felt like.

Andrea Bird has been teaching encaustic workshops for the past 20 years in Ontario, across Canada and at the annual International Encaustic Conference. Propeller member Ruth Maude, who proposed the idea of an online international encaustic exhibition, was first introduced to both encaustic painting and Propeller Art Gallery through Andrea Bird.

In 2010 the whole ball of wax exhibition featured encaustic demonstrations in the gallery. Last month we hosted two online encaustic demonstrations with guest artist Amelia Kraemer. The first evening was an introduction to encaustic painting and the second was encaustic printmaking.

Amelia and Ruth, both Andrea’s former students, first met at Andrea’s studio. A number of artists in the LAYERS of MEANING exhibition have taken courses with Andrea.

Andrea Bird | Artist Talks

Andrea was unable to attend the LAYERS of MEANING online opening on Saturday, July 10, 2021, but she graciously sent us two videos of her talking about her works.

Andrea Bird Artist Statement

These two paintings responded to a terminal cancer diagnosis. Painting allows me to find/make meaning, and from there, to heal what is untended within. Not curing, healing – delving into layers of resistance and finding a place of surrender, of ‘being with.’

‘This is Love’ incorporates a photo of my grandfathers, and explores what impending death brings, including the learning from two guided psilocybin mushroom experiences that helped me find my way.

‘Carry onward, like some songbird’ was made from a tabletop that’s been in my family for over 50 years – so many conversations. I danced on wax with charcoal feet to a song by Kevin Morby, Beautiful Strangers. The title came from the lyrics. It’s made to resemble a palette that would carry a body after death and is an exploration of this dying time during covid.

Andrea Bird

Thank you Andrea for sharing these amazing paintings with us.

LAYERS of MEANING includes over 100 encaustic works by artists from 12 countries and continues until August 1st (displayed online until October 7th).

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