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In Memoriam

Andrea Bird In Memoriam

Andrea Bird | In Memoriam

Andrea Bird was a member of Propeller from 2007–2010. She died on May 10th, 2024. Andrea was a mixed media encaustic artist and poet ...

Arthur (Art) Lucs | In Memoriam

1951 - 2018 We were honoured to have Art Lucs, a multidisciplinary artist, as a member of Propeller Art Gallery from 2017 to 2018. "As a practicing artist for close ...
Diana Meredith | In Memoriam

Diana Meredith | In Memoriam

1954 - 2018 Diana described herself as "an independent artist, writer and critical thinker. She was born in Ireland and grew up in the United States before moving to Canada ...
Lucy Molnar Wing

Lucy Molnar Wing | In Memoriam

1951 - 2016 Propeller Member from 2006 - 2010 Born in Budapest, her family moved to Canada in 1956. Lucy graduated from York University, the Chelsea School of Art in ...
Avner Levona | In Memoriam

Avner Levona | In Memoriam

Died November 29, 2015 Avner Levona was a Member of Propeller from 2014 until his death. Avner Levona was an award-winning Israeli-Canadian artist and visual professional working in the field ...
Ian Amell | In Memoriam

Ian Amell | In Memoriam

1946-2014 Ian Amell graduated with a BFA [Hon.] from the University of Manitoba. He has designed products sold throughout North America and has exhibited his art in Canada and internationally ...

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