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Propeller’s 25 Year History:<br/>1996 – 2021

Propeller’s 25 Year History:
1996 – 2021

by Grace Sarabia Propeller Gallery has a strong foundation in its community of members and long-time supporters. Since its conception in 1996, Propeller has moved locations twice without losing its ...
In Profile: Keijo Tapanainen

In Profile: Keijo Tapanainen

by Grace Sarabia Keijo Tapanainen is one of Propeller’s treasured member artists. His story is just one example of the diverse individuals that join Propeller and the wealth of mediums ...
Encaustic Exhibitions at Propeller | Celebrating Encaustic

Celebrating Encaustic | Exhibitions at Propeller

by Ruth Maude LAYERS of MEANING & the whole ball of wax It's fitting that as Propeller celebrates our 25th Anniversary as a Collective, we look back through our history ...
From 'Image' to 'Altered' Image

From ‘Image’ to ‘Altered’ Image

by Grace Sarabia | May 26, 2021 Propeller’s most recent exhibition, Altered Images at Hand, brings together fifty-seven artists in a virtual experience that is part of the Scotiabank Contact ...
"INTERFERENCE" by Peter Friedrichsen

“INTERFERENCE” by Peter Friedrichsen

​​My 2019 exhibition: Imprints, was my first solo exhibition consisting exclusively of photogram works. In this exhibition, I continue my exploration of the technique in my exhibit: “Interference: Photograms in ...
The Art of Survival:  25 Years of Resilience

The Art of Survival: 25 Years of Resilience

By Lisa Johnson, AOCA, Painter and Propeller member since 2007 Propeller's Resilient Roots Late 1990s early Propeller Members Most young artists launching their careers immediately face an endurance test of ...
Propeller’s Annual Curated Exhibition 1997-2019

Propeller’s Annual Curated Exhibition 1997-2019

Propeller’s annual curated exhibition has been a key part of the gallery’s programming since 1997. The program has involved notable guest curators from a range of cultural and professional fields, ...
UNMADE | Curatorial Essay by Jill Price

UNMADE | Curatorial Essay by Jill Price

by Jill Price As a white, female settler of Welsh, Scottish and Dutch-German descent, I would like to begin by acknowledging how grateful I am to live, work and play ...

Arthur (Art) Lucs | In Memoriam

1951 - 2018 We were honoured to have Art Lucs, a multidisciplinary artist, as a member of Propeller Art Gallery from 2017 to 2018. "As a practicing artist for close ...
Diana Meredith | In Memoriam

Diana Meredith | In Memoriam

1954 - 2018 Diana described herself as "an independent artist, writer and critical thinker. She was born in Ireland and grew up in the United States before moving to Canada ...
Lucy Molnar Wing

Lucy Molnar Wing | In Memoriam

1951 - 2016 Propeller Member from 2006 - 2010 Born in Budapest, her family moved to Canada in 1956. Lucy graduated from York University, the Chelsea School of Art in ...
Avner Levona | In Memoriam

Avner Levona | In Memoriam

Died November 29, 2015 Avner Levona was a Member of Propeller from 2014 until his death. Avner Levona was an award-winning Israeli-Canadian artist and visual professional working in the field ...

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