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Andrea Bird In Memoriam

Andrea Bird | In Memoriam

Andrea Bird was a member of Propeller from 2007–2010. She died on May 10th, 2024. Andrea was a mixed media encaustic artist and poet ...
Cesar Forero, Birds, Mixed Media Sculpture, 60 x 40 x 40 inches

Roots on the Rock | Cesar Forero Exhibition March 6 – 24

Review by Afsanhi Akhoondi, April 2024 Cesar Forero's Roots on the Rock exhibition was held on March 6 - 24th at the Propeller Art Gallery. Forero explores the interconnectedness of ...
Feature Image for Lex Barrie's Back to the Grimoire Curatorial Essay

Back to the Grimoire | Curatorial Essay by Lex Barrie and the Emerging Artists of the Occult

Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition - February 14th to March 3rd 2024 “Magik is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.”― Dacha Avelin, Old World Witchcraft: Pathway To ...
Urban Futurities - Curatorial Essay

Urban Futurities | Curatorial Essay by Ilene Sova

by Ilene SovaAnnual Guest Curated Exhibition - August 23 to September 10, 2023 Walk around the city and look very closely at your surroundings. Notice the noises. Hear the messages ...
Zoom Recording of Artist Talk | Master Chen Cheng-Hsun 

Zoom Recording of Artist Talk | Master Chen Cheng-Hsun 

Wednesday, June 21: 5:30 - 7:30 PMbroadcast from the Gardiner Museum, 3rd Floor, 111 Queens Park, Toronto A co-presentation with the Museum of Northern History, the Contemporary Art Committee, Ontario ...
And All Of A Sudden Curatorial Essay

And all of a Sudden…. | Curatorial Essay

by Simone Rojas-Pick There is an old Yiddish parable: “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Certainly, the last two years have elucidated the truth of such a statement. Despite our most ...


By Lex Barrie Captured in a fleeting complexity is the unpredictable methods and “solargraphy” of Peter Friedrichsen’s works in “Perceptible I Imperceptible”, exhibited now at Propeller Art Gallery. Through the ...
Souls in Time Lex Barrie in conversation with Ruth Maude & Lauri Maitland

Souls in Time | Artist Conversation

by Lex Barrie Compelling is the journey we take through Propeller’s current exhibitions: Edith’s Album by Ruth Maude and Mind & Soul by Lauri Maitland. In an array of mediums, ...
Dancing with Colour Dominique Prevost & Sharon Dembo

Dancing with Colour

by Lex Barrie There is a contrast of motion, tone and exuberant detailing in Propeller's current exhibitions: CIRCLES by Dominique Prevost and IN MOTION by Sharon Dembo. Through the use ...
A Seed: The Origins of The Emerging Artists by Emerging Curator Award

A Seed: The Origins of The Emerging Artists by Emerging Curator Award

by Lex Barrie | January 29, 2022 Nurturing Seeds of Possibilities Frances Patella knows the experiences of emerging artists in Toronto first-hand. Frances has been a member of Propeller Art ...
25th Anniversary Guestbook

25th Anniversary Guestbook

Please sign our guestbook adding your comments, good wishes and memories of the past 25 years of Propeller's History. Once approved, your name and comment will be public ...
Early Works

Collective Experience | Early Works

25th Anniversary | Historical Works In keeping with the retrospective nature of our Collective Experience 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Propeller members and alumni were invited to share a piece of art ...

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