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16 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Guestbook”

  1. It was a pleasure and a privilege to co-emcee the Collective Experience Celebration last night with Doris Purchase. It was also heartwarming to see so many participants in the zoom opening. Propeller is truly one of a kind.

    Joseph Muscat

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Exhibition Archives. I’ve learned so much about the Gallery and discovered connections between past and recent shows. I’m proud to be part of the Propeller Community.

  3. What a great Celebration and Exhibition – it’s so fun to see the rich legacy of art and artists that have contributed to this amazing collective over 25 years. Thank you to all that have contributed so much. I am so proud to be a member.

  4. Dear Propeller,

    It was so delightful to learn that Propeller has been successful and active for 25 YEARS! What a huge accomplishment for any organization but especially in such a difficult industry.

    I had the pleasure and privilege of directing the gallery from 2012-14 (give or take) and to those of you who I know, and those I’ve yet to meet- a huge congratulations!

    It’s been wonderful to be a small part of this gallery’s history, and to watch it grow in exciting new directions!!

    Cheers and all the best!
    Katie Micak

  5. Peter Friedrichsen

    As a co-organizer with Lisa Johnson of our 25 year celebrations in both 2020 and 2021, it was a pleasure working with her on these two shows. Through it all, I quickly came to know Propeller’s long lasting connections with the alumni that helped build it. Onwards and upwards Propeller!

  6. As a member of Propeller since 2013, I have met many great artists and art friends. I have been given the opportunity to serve on various committees and on the Board over the years, and I have learned so much about navigating the art world through these experiences. I will always cherish the times I have shared with other Propeller members, alumni and friends.
    Gwen Tooth

  7. Dear Propeller, I signed on way back in 1996 and was a member for about 6 years. It was energizing but a lot of work! I am so glad to see Propeller stick around and stay strong and even thrive. I am considering asking for membership again as it really seems like a lovely supportive community still. Also having a staff member and now not on a second floor walk up so thankfully more visible and possibly less work for its members!
    Continue to PROPELL us forward!!!

    1. Lauren, That would be wonderful if you would rejoin us! We love your work!
      Yes, the camaraderie and fun of working together with other artists is really the key to why its nice to belong.

  8. I was a Propeller member for almost seven years, since 2014, and had some wonderful experiences with planning exhibitions, programming duties and exhibiting my own work in a strong community of fellow artists. The space is beautiful.
    Congratulations on 25 years Propeller, may there be many more.

  9. As the current Chair of Propeller, I wish to thank all members past and present who have contributed to its success and allowed us to reach 25 years of “Artists Empowering Artists”. You can be proud of what you have accomplished. All the volunteer hours by our Collective have been responsible for our countless activities and at least a thousand exhibitions over the years. And we plan to continue to thrive and increase the diversity of our membership and the breadth of our activities in a hybrid model. Warm regards to all.

  10. Member since 2007, Propeller has provided me with a constant source of challenges, discoveries, artistic growth and, above all, a wonderful artistic family of incredibly talented and generous people. Long live Propeller!

  11. I’ve been a fan of Propeller for years and finally decided to take the leap and apply. I was thrilled to be accepted as a new member in 2020. Just before Covid hit. The members made me feel so welcome right away. I jumped in and they kindly allowed me (and helped me) develop the podcast “Beyond The Frame”. I’m so grateful for that opportunity, where I could interview Propeller members, who so graciously opened their hearts to me. Although isolated, I didn’t feel alone! Instead, I formed new connections with wonderful artists, who inspire me! As a result, I had a very productive work year. Thankyou:)
    Cheers to you Propeller and here’s to 25 more!!

    1. We are so grateful for you doing the podcast series! You’ve created a real legacy project for so many artists to record their ideas about their art. Thank you Tracy!

  12. It was a great honour to help coordinate the show with Peter Friedrichsen, with tremendous help from countless volunteers and to have so many past and present members participating. Volunteering is really the key to Propeller’s success but for me also the enjoyment and fulfillment of being a member. Making art can be a pretty solitary thing, and it is really enriching to be able to connect with other artists, work together on meaningful projects and see awareness of the gallery grow in leaps and bounds, despite all the current challenges. Check out the article on the 25th Anniversary show at Artoronto! https://www.artoronto.ca/?p=47256

  13. It seems like just yesterday that Propeller moved to 30 Abell St. and we were celebrating our 20th! I was Chair of Propeller at that time and we moved from our Queen St. location while Abell St. was still under construction and outside the gallery was a mud pit – certainly a difficult time. It is through the efforts of so many of our members that Propeller was able to overcome such odds to continue as a vibrant hub of artistic endeavors. It is an honour to work with such dedicated and creative artists. I wish Propeller at least another 25 years!

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